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Mudconnector Voting Link
To vote for UOSSMUD on Mudconnector, you can click this link.

Top Mud Sites Voting Link
To vote for UOSSMUD on Top Mud Sites, you can click this link.


The UOSS Wiki
A community site containing a variety of helpful information about UOSSMUD, that anyone can edit and add new information to.

The Official Elsendor Militia Website
This website is devoted to an in-game player group called the Elsendor Militia - what it is, why you should join, the basics you need to know, and even some advanced tactics.

Lucavi Army Homepage
The homepage of the Lucavi Demons, an ancient force of destruction that seeks to control the lands in UOSSMUD. They are the enemies of the Elsendor Militia.


Aberdast Falls
A stick figure webcomic featuring some of the players and wizards of UOSSMUD.