Sorry Berserkers
Posted by Rynn
[Thu Dec 13 00:32:13 2018]
Sorry, Berserkers. Your reign of terror has been somewhat stifled. Berserkers were just a tad bit too good for single-targetting, so a few changes have been made to the job overall. Berserkers now have slightly less HP, Attack Power, and Strength job mods. Additionally, Hone Senses gives less critical strike than before, making it a little harder to get that 100% crit. Increase Fury has been changed to cap at ability level 5. If your ability level is above that, AP will be refunded automatically. Lastly, Rampage's cooldown has been changed from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.

Militia Card Changes
Posted by Aether
[Wed Dec 12 23:30:00 2018]
We're making some changes to how militia raid cards are allowed to be taken. Specifically, Lance will no longer give you a card if you already have one.
If you already have cards in your inventory, you can still run them as you wish, but you will not be able to get any more cards until you have no more. This is a change that we feel is necessary to properly balance some of the issues we have been seeing with militia.
If you have any questions, or find that somehow you are able to get multiple cards at a time, please let us know. We want militia to be an enjoyable part of the MUD, and are trying our best to make it an enjoyable, but balanced, experience

Updated Area: Kippo
Posted by Salt
[Wed Dec 5 02:21:40 2018]
A small update has been applied to the citizens of Kippo. They're a little fiestier than they used to be! Addtionally, the Cannon Travel Man and his wife have returned home after their honeymoon.

New Overland: FF7 Western Continent
Posted by Salt
[Tue Dec 4 23:20:13 2018]
The continent that Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga, and the Ancient Forest reside on is now accessible! Each area has it's own overland has populated with a mix of new monsters and existing ones, pulled from nearby areas. 3 Zones for the price of one! (Ancient Forest is in the Gongaga Overland)
100% of your speedwalks that involve these areas are now broken! Here's to hoping a ton of Pink Puffs spawn before you can fix them.

Two new missions for legends
Posted by No
[Tue Dec 4 05:41:01 2018]
Two new relatively short missions have been added for legend characters, in Mt. Zozo and Geno Dome. These missions involve boss fights against bosses which were previously part of the old Magitek quest, before we replaced it with the new Magitek mission.