The Greenie King
Posted by Aether
[Wed Jan 16 15:53:01 2019]
A new level 16 mission, The Greenie King, has been added. Now you have at least one reason to explore the Illusionary Forest!
Thanks to Orange for QC on the mission. If you find any bugs, please let us know.

Mystic Has Arrived At Last!
Posted by Rynn
[Sat Jan 12 00:09:56 2019]
Greetings UOSSMUD!
Today, I'm proud to tell you that Mystic is FINALLY going in! Yes, we've just released a brand new job called Mystic Knight.
Mystic Knight is a true hybrid job, capable of being used by almost any build to some degree. Drawing inspiration from Mystic Knight and Spell Fencer jobs from various Final Fantasy games, Mystic Knights can attack an enemy with a spellblade attack, enchanting their weapon with magical runes that causes their melee attacks to have a chance to proc an ability on each melee hit. However, these runes are limited in number, so Mystic Knights must use one of their spellblade abilities to reapply the runes. Additionally, Mystic Knights have a few abilities such at Rune Strike and Repeat that can force runes to be consumed along with other effects. Lastly, Mystic Knights are capable of using Enelement spells, granting them elemental strikes corresponding to which element they buff with. This means you no longer need to go hunting for specific pieces of gear if you need Firestrike. Unless you don't like having to refresh a buff, that is.
A big thanks to No, Aether, Salt, and Ryozen for testing and QC. As always, please report any bugs that you encounter and have a wonderful time.

New bladed weapons for magic users
Posted by No
[Fri Jan 11 21:21:24 2019]
Five new daggers and one new sword have been added to UOSSMUD. All of these weapons have wisdom as their primary stat requirement, and provide some sort of bonus to magic users.
The new sword, the Enhancement Blade, is sold in the shop in Tasnica.
One new dagger, the Misericorde, is sold in the fur shop mid tier.
Another new dagger, the Rune Dagger, is sold in the deep dungeon mid tier.
The last three new daggers, the Argentic Dagger, Magic Knife, and Wildfire Dagger, can be found in the fame shop.
There is also a new mission to kill a high level boss in Lab 16, available to players level 95 and up. This mission is required to purchase the Wildfire Dagger.

Grouped Monsters & You
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Jan 11 17:26:35 2019]
I have implemented a backend change to how grouped monsters work. If everything works right, players shouldn't notice anything different. HOWEVER, last time I tried to do this some monsters suddenly stopped attacking. If you notice anything like this or monsters acting weird, let us know immediately, please.

Recovery after hardware crash, 1/9/2019
Posted by No
[Wed Jan 9 11:26:10 2019]
A serious hardware crash during the night resulted in a number of UOSSMUD's data files being corrupted. This unfortunately included the databases which contain player mission data and player militia data, among other things.
We have restored the corrupted data from a backup which was about 48 hours old. What this means is that everyone's progress on missions, their number of militia raids completed, and possibly other data from the last two days before the crash has been lost.
Experience points, level ups, ability points, gold, and most other player data was fortunately unaffected.
We sincerely apologize for the downtime and for the lost data. I am initiating a 48 hour long "Death has taken a holiday" event to try to make up for it, and allow people to get back any progress that they lost.
If one of your character files is corrupted and you cannot log in, please log in using the "Guest" account and contact No, or send an email to If you experience any weird errors that are not simply the loss of the last 48 hours, also contact No with details.