Rank Adjustments
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Nov 13 01:28:49 2018]
The 'rank' command has been updated to show what race players are. In addition, players can now check the topten of a specific race using 'rank topten ' or see what a specific player's standing is within a race using 'rank '. However, this will only work if the race specified matches the race of the player specified.

Tougher Monsters!
Posted by Salt
[Fri Nov 2 01:10:09 2018]
Some of the monsters have hit the gym after eating all that Halloween Candy. They're a little beefier, but now offer much more Experience and AP. Their difficultly should more closely match their source material.
Chrono Trigger ------------ Gaoler, Omnicrone
FF6 ------------ Hades Gigas, Dante, Fossil Fang
FF7 ------------ Midgar Zolom, Dragon (Mt. Nibel), Zuu
FF5 ------------ Prototype
SoM ------------ Kimono Bird

The new "areas" command
Posted by No
[Thu Nov 1 20:24:47 2018]
A new command, "areas", has been added for players. This command is used to search for areas that give a certain amount of XP per enemy. It provides a lot of the same kind of information as the area guide npcs, but it doesn't work quite the same, being based on XP instead of levels. Hopefully this is useful to people - I think it's mostly useful to people who already know exactly what they can and can't handle, as opposed to the area guide NPCs who are more useful to newer players.
See "help areas" for more info about the new command, and "help area_guides" for info about the area guide NPCs. Thanks to Aether for helping make this run efficiently enough to not crash the MUD every time you use it.

Militia Scry Crystals
Posted by Aether
[Sun Oct 28 21:11:54 2018]
Materia Locators have been changed a bit. They now always break if you use them outside of the Militia HQ Observatory (which is above the Communications Hub), and you can't use another one for a while. If you use it in the Observatory, it has only a small chance to break, and you can use it every round.
If you find any bugs, please let me know

Lost Souls
Posted by Salt
[Fri Oct 26 14:52:34 2018]
A heartbroken man has been spotted attempting to climb the Wire in Sector 6, but he just can't seem to get himself up there. If you're level 26 or higher, maybe you could lend a hand?