Status and Supports
Posted by Aether
[Sat Sep 22 04:14:51 2018]
We've made a backend change to how statuses and supports work. Permanent status effects should now stack and unstack properly (for example, wearing two Relic Rings and removing one will no longer remove Auto-Zombie). Supports also should behave in this way
This was a very delicate change to make, so please bug report any bugs, oddities, or unexpected behavior. Thank you.

Boss XP
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Sep 7 16:35:17 2018]
For years, many players have complained that normal bosses give significantly less XP than they should. This problem has been alleviated. Boss monsters should now give roughly 3x as much XP and AP as they did before. This does not apply to some superbosses, as they generally already give more XP/AP than normal. This may not be immediately noticeable for some, but should be fully noticeable after reboot. Please bug report if monsters suddenly seem to have multiple times more HP than normal.

Harmonious Ring
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Sep 7 04:07:50 2018]
We decided Harmonious Ring sucked. It has been changed to now increase the duration of your songs in addition to granting +30 Will and making songs never miss.

New teleport locations
Posted by No
[Tue Sep 4 03:52:19 2018]
Players who have access to advanced teleport commands - which is to say, people over level 100 of most races, and maybe sometimes randomizers depending on how the dice rolled this reboot - now have four new locations they can teleport to. The Returners' Hideout, the Phantom Forest, the Forgotten City, and the Northern Crater.
This should make it so, if you're a randomizer character, and you can teleport this reboot, you can always theoretically complete militia raids. (If you can't teleport this reboot, good luck.)

Elsendor, To Arms!
Posted by Aether
[Tue Sep 4 01:12:32 2018]
Militia is back! It's been heavily redesigned with a focus on single player activity, where you will manage militia recruits and position them strategically in choke points to defend Elsendor against the Lucavi forces. The minimum level required to participate is 25, and difficulty (and rewards!) will scale with player level. Being successful in the militia is intended to be a challenge and require careful planning and strategy during a raid. Players may request assignments and participate in raids once per day (based on MUD time), though you may practice as much as you would like.

For more detailed information on how to run raids and understand the general structure of the minigame, type 'help mtd' to read the helpfile. As always, please report any bugs as you find them. This is a large project, so it is expected to find a (hopefully few and minor) issues.
The headquarters are located where they used to be (s, e, n from center), and Record of FATE has been moved to the south exit rather than the north.
Thanks to everyone on the staff for assistance, and particular thanks to No for input on keeping a lot of the classic militia flavor. Enjoy!