Dualcast Changes
Posted by Aether
[Tue Apr 17 18:07:09 2018]
We've made some adjustments to how dualcast works. You now *must* use it through the dualcast command, but I'm pretty sure nobody didn't use it that way before.
Additionally, we updated chainspell so that you are no longer restricted to only using redmagic while it's in effect. You still can only use redmagic for dualcasting, but if for some reason you want to use something else during the chainspell window, you now can
Finally, dualcast should now properly work for randomizer race. It will properly let you use one of the valid redmagic spells with the appropriate syntax for the job that it is in

Jade Armlet
Posted by No
[Mon Mar 26 13:38:09 2018]
The level requirement and gold cost of the Jade Armlet have been significantly reduced, since at some point it lost its original purpose of being the lowest level stopproof accessory, and instead got made into a worse version of the Jewel Ring. It doesn't need to be worse than the Jewel Ring and also higher level. So now it isn't.

Vanish bug
Posted by No
[Sun Mar 11 14:20:18 2018]
Vanish was once again bugged and was only halving the duration of Zombie, instead of halving the duration of every other ailment except Zombie. This was fixed once before but the fix got reverted somehow. It's now fixed again. This means you can no longer get an infinite duration vanish + paralyze. Sorry.
If it breaks again, let me know.
You won't let me know, though. You'll just start paralyzing Serpentarius for the entire fight again. I can't blame you, but I can still hate you.

Chem 101
Posted by Aether
[Tue Mar 6 05:10:38 2018]
A new item has been added to the Furshop Low tier. The Chemistry Set will allow you to use chemist items without incurring a cooldown during combat
If you find any issues with it, please bug report them!

Have You Lost Something?
Posted by Aether
[Wed Feb 21 18:37:53 2018]
If you have lost something you cannot replace, you're in luck! The Record of FATE, found where the militia lobby used to be, can retrieve any items you may have lost and cannot regain.
As usual, if you find any issues or bugs with it, please report them. Thank you!