The shadows betray you because they belong to me.
Posted by Xae
[Tue Jul 24 21:52:52 2018]
Dark Knights rejoice!
A new passive for Dark Knights has been added to a previous boring piece of gear.
Bane, found on Raven Armor, will cause a Dark Knight's abilities to apply Black Curse to any target struck, provided said Dark Knight currently has the Black Curse Aura from Black Curse currently active.
To implement this, a tweak was required for each of the Dark Knight skills. If anything unusual happens with Dark Knight's abilities, promptly report it with the 'bug' command.

Asura Katana
Posted by No
[Fri Jun 22 04:11:54 2018]
The Asura Katana, sold in Elsendor, Rugor and Bal Castle, has had its attack power and stat reqs reduced slightly, so as to not be completely identical to the Forged Katana any more.
The Asura ability in Samurai is unrelated and has not been changed.

The Final Lunar Trial
Posted by Rynn
[Sat May 19 00:35:43 2018]
The Final Lunar Trial is now available. This fight is designed to be comparable to Elemental Quintessence, so only the hardiest adventurers should attempt it. Players that complete the Final Trial will receive one of four random rewards and a Moon Rock, which can be exchanged for any of the unique Lunar Trial rewards. Fusoya has set up shop in the trial cave if you want to see what you can buy.

Backend Equipment Adjustments
Posted by Rynn
[Wed May 16 15:13:49 2018]
While we usually don't tell players through news about backend adjustments, a recent change to one of our major files that manages how equipment works means there's a lot of potential for things blowing up. Hopefully (if everything fell into place correctly), you won't notice anything different. However, if you notice equipment suddenly giving weird effects or missing effects that you should normally be getting, please let us know using the 'bug' command.

Son of Single Targetting
Posted by Aether
[Wed Apr 25 16:14:42 2018]
In the spirit of the original game, Son of Sun is no longer going to let players get away with AoEing. You will have to hit the correct Prominency and *only* the correct Prominency for damage to be dealt to Son of Sun.
Son of Sun's HP has been dropped to compensate for the (probable) increase in challenge the boss presents.