Training Montage
Posted by Aether
[Thu Mar 28 15:51:19 2019]
Zodiac espers are now trainable, if you're into that sort of thing. Hopefully this will help you feel a little more prepared going into zodiac raids.
We also adjusted the rewards for zodiac raids to better reflect the increase in difficulty they offer.
If you find any issues with any of the zodiacs during training (or during raids, for that matter), please let us know.

Planet's Protector
Posted by No
[Fri Mar 15 05:39:26 2019]
A new mission, Planet's Protector, has been added to FF7. This mission starts by talking to Red XIII either in Cosmo Canyon or in the Ancient Forest. It is designed for players who are at least level 100, and includes a boss that was previously part of the old Magitek Quest.
The Ancient Forest has also been made slightly easier to navigate. The hidden paths should be a little less annoying to find.

Randomizer job mods
Posted by No
[Wed Mar 13 21:51:47 2019]
Randomizers who type "affectedby" can now explicitly see "Your job has the stats of a Ninja." Or whatever job you have the stats of. Hopefully this makes it clearer what's going on, and how much your attack power or whatever is increased by.

Ultimate Weapon/Doom Gaze
Posted by Rynn
[Wed Mar 6 02:14:36 2019]
Two bosses that frequently attack adventurers when they use the airships, Ultimate Weapon and Doom Gaze, have had some adjustments. These monsters are now considered pseudo-superbosses. Players can now defeat these monsters once per reboot. After being defeated, you will no longer encounter them when using the airships. Be warned, however. Doom Gaze has gotten a bit of an upgrade in power. Ultimate Weapon should more or less be the same. You can party to defeat them, though. And lastly, both monsters now have a chance to drop an item when defeated. This drop is a bit rare, though, so don't expect it on your first kill.

Superboss Changes
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Mar 5 18:49:16 2019]
Black Rabite has been changed somewhat. In addition to normal drops, all players that defeat him now receive a furshop item called Moogle Steel that can be spent at Watts' forge in the Dwarf Village to purchase specific BR items, similar to how Odin works. Players must be level 100 to see his inventory, so don't fret if you can't see his stock. It just means you're not high enough level. In addition to this change, Moogle Board was removed from the drop table for Black Rabite. Cyborgs can only obtain this by exchanging 3 Moogle Steel at Watts' shop now. The random drops for Grahf and Dad have been changed in a different way. These two bosses will no longer drop an item that you've already obtained from them until after you've obtained at least one of every item they drop. This isn't retroactive though; they are only keeping track starting right now, so if you got a Manly Mantle last reboot you might still get one as your next item.