Rejoining Raids
Posted by Aether
[Tue Feb 19 16:11:24 2019]
You should now be able to rejoin a raid if you are disconnected. To do so, simply walk to the machine the raid was started on and say 'rejoin'.
If you were the only person in the raid, you have 1 minute to reconnect and rejoin the raid before the raid is automatically ended. Additionally, an unfortunate side effect of being the only person in the raid means that the militia channel history will be lost if you disconnect.
If there are any bugs, or any weird side effects, please let me know. Also note that this was done to help people from getting booted and losing progress. If you find a way to abuse or misuse this, please report it.

A bit too tough!
Posted by Rynn
[Thu Feb 14 17:05:25 2019]
After some feedback and discussion, we have removed the Zodiac raid type from random for the time being. We're looking at ways to make the raid type more manageable for lower level players. You can still select Zodiac manually, though.

The Zodiac Brave Story
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Feb 11 18:04:33 2019]
A new raid type has been added to the militia: zodiac raids. In these raids, players must stop a powerful Zodiac Esper from Ivalice from reaching Elsendor while also contending with waves of incoming Lucavi. Zodiac raids are not for the faint of heart, though. If you have trouble with Endurance raids, you may find Zodiac raids to be just as hard. For more information about this raid type, 'help zodiac'. Good luck, recruits!

Missions On/Off
Posted by Rynn
[Thu Jan 17 16:55:35 2019]
An on/off flag has been added to the missions command to more easily enable/disable missions. Similar to the settings option, you can temporarily prevent yourself from progressing on missions by disabling missions with the 'missions off' command. To re-enable missions, just type 'missions on'.

The Greenie King
Posted by Aether
[Wed Jan 16 15:53:01 2019]
A new level 16 mission, The Greenie King, has been added. Now you have at least one reason to explore the Illusionary Forest!
Thanks to Orange for QC on the mission. If you find any bugs, please let us know.