An Ancient Evil Has Returned
Posted by Aether
[Fri Oct 19 21:06:37 2018]
Thorn, a mighty general of the Lucavi Armies, has re-appeared after a long time away. A new type of raid assignment is available. 'help endurance' has more specifics on this new type of raid
As with Timed raids, Lance will occassionally give you an endurance raid for your daily assignment. You may also request a practice endurance raid to try it out beforehand.
As usual, if you notice any issues or bugs, please report them. Thanks!

Militia Targetting
Posted by Aether
[Fri Oct 19 15:00:10 2018]
A change has been made to how multi-target attacks work in militia. Now, if you are in a raid, you will not ever target any non-lucavi with AoE abilities. You still will only target a single Lucavi with them, but if you are currently engaged with a lucavi, it should continue to target that monster rather than any new ones that enter.
If you find any bugs with this, please report them. Thank you

Raiding Spree
Posted by Aether
[Wed Oct 17 00:15:38 2018]
Good News, Everyone!
The daily limit on running a single raid per day has been removed. You can still only request a single card per day, but this should make it more appealing to join other people's raids

Deep Dungeon Monsters
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Oct 15 19:36:30 2018]
Deep Dungeon monsters have received a bit of an overhaul. No longer are monsters practically immune to everything and the kitchen sink. Instead, each monster has a unique set of immunities and can become immune to a small number of (usually powerful) status effects at higher levels. You can actually use poison and gravity on a large number of monsters now. Will chars can now zombie almost everything. Have fun and enjoy not being neutered by Dana's terrible ideas of "balance" anymore.

A shiny golden wire of hope
Posted by Salt
[Fri Oct 12 18:48:53 2018]
The Shinra SP Units stationed at the bottom of the Wire located in Sector 6 have retreated closer Shinra Tower after monsters overtook their position. You'll find a new level 35 zone to explore!