Have You Lost Something?
Posted by Aether
[Wed Feb 21 18:37:53 2018]
If you have lost something you cannot replace, you're in luck! The Record of FATE, found where the militia lobby used to be, can retrieve any items you may have lost and cannot regain.
As usual, if you find any issues or bugs with it, please report them. Thank you!

Chocobo Hot & Cold Adjustments
Posted by Aether
[Tue Feb 20 00:02:55 2018]
We've made some minor adjustments to Hot & Cold that should make things a little better for chocograph hunters.
Additionally, we've added a new chocobo trait, Archaeologist, that will help make finding chocograph pieces easier
If there are any bugs, please report them. Thank you

Protect Ring
Posted by Aether
[Wed Feb 7 19:53:36 2018]
A new high tier item, Protect Ring, has been added to the furshop! Rejoice!

Retrieve Command
Posted by Aether
[Fri Jan 19 19:43:22 2018]
The retrieve command now lets you retrieve items by specifying the item name. Names are case insensitive, but spacing is important.
As always, please report any bugs if found. Thanks!

A Light Lunar Lunch!
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Jan 16 04:11:35 2018]
The final Lunar Trial has been added to the Lunar Trials on the moon. players now have a chance each reboot to face off against Lunar Odin or Lunar Bahamut by entering the south cave inside the monument. Be warned, though. These two are a bit stronger than the other Trials. Much like the other trials, these share 6 items and have 3 unique items in their drop list. However, because we know how much of a pain it is to have 4 different bosses tied to the same lockout, Fusoya has been added to the central cave. Players can now give Fusoya one of any of the shared items in order to unlock all of the trials after one has been defeated. This may only be done once per reboot and does not affect the boss rotation. You'll have to wait for the next reboot if you don't like the bosses.
Big thanks to Clef, No, and Aether for ideas, testing, and QC. Good luck!