Sector 5 Slums
Posted by No
[Fri Aug 11 05:31:09 2017]
The Sector 5 Slums in Midgar are now accessible. The fall of Meteor has devastated the area, and monsters fill the streets of the slums, but people with nowhere to go still remain huddled in their makeshift homes.
The level range of the enemies is the same as the road through Sector 5. Enjoy.

Coliseum wager timer
Posted by No
[Wed Jul 19 23:26:47 2017]
The way the wager timer works in the Coliseum has been altered. Instead of having a five minute wait after every wager, the Coliseum now lets you wager five times in a row and then has a half-hour wait until you can wager again.
This should make it easier to go do something else while you're waiting to be able to wager again.

Posted by No
[Fri Jul 14 22:50:36 2017]
Randomizer players now gain access to the advanced teleport commands (teleport save, teleport to destination, teleport to player) at a random level, instead of level 100. Also, a few new teleport locations have been added (for everyone, not just randomizer players).
Yes, I know. A news post with this subject line could have been so many VASTLY worse things than this. I can hear your sighs of relief.

Anima Accessories for Walruses, Nus, Lalafells, and Sephiroth Clones
Posted by No
[Sun Jul 2 23:41:52 2017]
The low level anima accessories in Elsendor which provide +10 wisdom and an anima can now be equipped at level 10 instead of level 30. Other races are unlikely to care, since Animist itself still requires level 30, but this should give Randomizer players - or whatever their race is called at the moment - a way to use Animist spells at lower levels.

Knowledge is Power.
Posted by Orange
[Sun Jun 25 02:56:18 2017]
In an attempt to provide more options for our Will-based players (as well as Sorcerers, though they probably don't NEED more options), wary adventurers may now find themselves to be more knowledgeable as they encounter ancient tomes throughout the worlds.
Two mid-tier Books have been discovered and are now available with more high-level options in the works.