Veteran Asterisk Bearers
Posted by Rynn
[Tue May 14 16:59:00 2019]
Players that have beaten every Asterisk Bearer can now revisit the Wonder Square and trade Rat Tails in order to undertake a veteran trial. This trial pits players against 2 different Asterisk Bearers at the same time. Defeating both Asterisk Bearers will net the player 1000 AP for each job and 1000000 XP. If you do not like the Asterisk combination you've been given, you can trade an additional Rat Tail to change which 2 Asterisk Bearers you must fight. Additionally, the number of Rat Tails that can be obtained from the DD has been increased

Howling good time
Posted by Oreg
[Sun May 5 09:55:10 2019]
Dear friends and fellow adventurers, Faris has recently discovered a hidden village north of Bal Castle called Quelb. This small village is home to a population of civilized werewolves, and should be a nice stop for adventurers around level 50. Rumor has it there may even been some new equipment available, but you know how rumors are...

Do-do do-do-do, do-do do-do!
Posted by Rynn
[Sat May 4 18:58:28 2019]
A new superboss located at the Ancient City in FF7 has been added. Players can now face off against a remnant of Sephiroth by descending to the heart of the city and praying. Sephiroth is designed for solo players level 130+. Good luck. Sephiroth is uncompromising and brutal.
Additionally, a new item has been added to Hades' Synthesis Shop.

HP bar additional changes
Posted by Aether
[Fri Apr 26 15:45:18 2019]
In addition to the recent change to allow for multiple hp bars, you can now instantly show a specific hp bar just by typing hp . This will show your hp bar without switching over to it as the default.
Hopefully this will be useful in cases e.g. where you just want to see part of your HP bar

HP Bar configurations
Posted by Aether
[Wed Apr 24 20:33:27 2019]
You can now store up to 10 hpbar configurations. You may switch between them using the hpswitch command. Each configuration is independent of the others; this is basically a convenience so you don't have to have your LIMIT meter on all the time.
If you find any issues with this, please let me know.