Retrieve Command
Posted by Aether
[Fri Jan 19 19:43:22 2018]
The retrieve command now lets you retrieve items by specifying the item name. Names are case insensitive, but spacing is important.
As always, please report any bugs if found. Thanks!

A Light Lunar Lunch!
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Jan 16 04:11:35 2018]
The final Lunar Trial has been added to the Lunar Trials on the moon. players now have a chance each reboot to face off against Lunar Odin or Lunar Bahamut by entering the south cave inside the monument. Be warned, though. These two are a bit stronger than the other Trials. Much like the other trials, these share 6 items and have 3 unique items in their drop list. However, because we know how much of a pain it is to have 4 different bosses tied to the same lockout, Fusoya has been added to the central cave. Players can now give Fusoya one of any of the shared items in order to unlock all of the trials after one has been defeated. This may only be done once per reboot and does not affect the boss rotation. You'll have to wait for the next reboot if you don't like the bosses.
Big thanks to Clef, No, and Aether for ideas, testing, and QC. Good luck!

Lunar Spelunking!
Posted by Aether
[Wed Jan 10 18:28:57 2018]
A new area has been added: Lunar Palace! This luxurious destination has five exciting new rooms to explore, without the danger of any nasty monsters harassing you while you relax on your vacation. See the beautiful Lunar Crystals while you're there! You'll come for the serenity, but you'll stay for the beautiful scenery!
Oh, and it also connects to the new, enormous Lunar Subterrane, which is a 100+ room, post-Legend area.
Thanks to No and Rynn for QCing the massive number of rooms. Please report any bugs found.

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted.
Posted by Xae
[Mon Dec 25 21:43:37 2017]
It's that time again! UOSSMUD's newest job has slipped from the shadows: Assassin.
Rather than an attempt to implement FFTA/2's version of an Assassin, this job is intended to answer the following: "What makes an Assassin, in the larger Squaresoft universe?"
Characters described as Assassins in Squaresoft games include the FFTA-series Viera Assassins, but also FFT's Celia and Lete, FF6's Shadow, SD3's Hawk in his Dark-path evolutions. Character types which fit this bill are ones which wield katanas and/or ninja swords, occasionally bows, wear light armor such as clothes and hats and utilize a general 'glass-cannon' approach with low HP and defense and high damage output which often incorporates status affliction to debilitate foes in preparation for their imminent demise. UOSSMUD's Assassin draws from these sources to make something new.
Assassin's primary method of dealing damage and debilitating foes is by utilizing a cycle of elemental attacks. By using these attacks in particular combinations the player can choose to deal additional damage or debuff their foes. The interactions between the various spells and with Shadow Strike results in a number of different ways to play Assassin.
Thanks to the UOSS staff (and especially Rynn) for help with theorycrafting and code support, and to Zoma, Sigarni, Lavyn, Miette, and the other playtesters for their feedback.
As always, report any issues or problems promptly!
Thanks, and enjoy.

Merry Christmas 2017
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Dec 25 04:59:47 2017]
Merry Christmas, UOSSMUD!
Word has it Santa's frantic because someone has invaded his workshop, delaying his present deliveries. Aspiring adventurers can visit him at his hut in Ice Forest to lend him a hand.
A new item has been added to the pink puff section of the fur shop for 2 pink tails: Popoi's Mallet. By activating Popoi's Mallet, players can reset all of their ability levels and AP in their current job. This does not apply to l'Cie crystariums.
The cost of Rebirth Ring in the Odin section of fur shop has also had its cost significantly reduced. It now costs only a single Odin's Mantle and no gold.
From all the staff, we hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year's. Enjoy the bonus, it should be up all day.