Knowledge is Power.
Posted by Orange
[Sun Jun 25 02:56:18 2017]
In an attempt to provide more options for our Will-based players (as well as Sorcerers, though they probably don't NEED more options), wary adventurers may now find themselves to be more knowledgeable as they encounter ancient tomes throughout the worlds.
Two mid-tier Books have been discovered and are now available with more high-level options in the works.

Break Yourself!
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Jun 23 15:21:47 2017]
The stat break abilities in Knight have undergone an adjustment. A new passive ability called Unyielding Blade has been added at job level 14 that increases the base potency of the break abilities. Additionally, when under the effects of Desperation, the breaks no longer become AoE. Instead, when affected by Desperation, the stat breaks now reduce stats even further at the cost of reduced duration. Enjoy!

Who Invited Moon Moon?
Posted by Rynn
[Thu Jun 15 01:36:15 2017]
A new mission has been made available for the Moon Palace in Secret of Mana. This mission is designed for players level 70+. To start this mission, talk to the Tour Guide outside of Kakkara or go to the Moon Palace and talk to Luna.

Narshe Mountain
Posted by Xae
[Sat Jun 10 02:59:16 2017]
A small section of the Narshe Mountain has received a monster update. Previously, the monsters which populated this portion of the mountain were not sourced from FF6, but from the craven mind of some delirious area coder. While the nature of the mind involved in replacing them may not have changed, they are at least the monsters one would except to see in the area.
Monsters in this area are of slightly lower level than the monsters in Umaro's Cave, which they directly precede.
Noting the ingression of the newcomers, the Ice Dragon has taken the opportunity to move several rooms closer to Narshe, where it continues to plot the demise of unwary players.

New Chocobo Race tracks
Posted by Aether
[Fri Jun 9 06:08:40 2017]
Four new tracks have been added, one to each cup. This should help make improve the variety in racetracks