Piano Lessons
Posted by Oreg
[Wed May 27 01:37:16 2020]
Learn to play piano in eight easy steps! Want to woo the subject of your adoration with unexpected skill? Then come see the wandering minstrel of Crescent Town and learn how! A new mission for players level 80 or higher is now available in the FFV realm.

Posted by Oreg
[Wed May 27 01:34:46 2020]
Poor Impresario, the stagemaster for the Jidoor Opera House, is having a terrible time. Players above level 80 should go talk to him and find out what is going on.

Castles from the Void!
Posted by Oreg
[Tue May 26 12:36:29 2020]
After spending entirely too long chilling in the void, Tycoon Castle has made a triumphant return to the realm of FFV. Players can get there by heading east from Tycoon Meteor, or by asking Faris nicely. The area is intended to challenge players in the level 20-30 bracket, and may not be all that exciting to post legend champions.
As always all mistakes are copywrite Oreg, and I accept the blame. Special thanks to Mango and Eithan for smoothing out the rougher parts.

No More Birthday Suits!
Posted by Rynn
[Mon May 25 00:13:03 2020]
After a review, we determined that there was a significant lack of Wis and Will clothes, so we added more. Roughly a dozen new sets of clothes have been added to shops around the worlds to help fill in the Wis/Will gaps. Also, there's a new set of clothes for balance characters. These items can be found in Dwarf Village, Midgar, Mirage, Kajar, Thamasa, Gold City, Mandala, DD, Fame Shop, and Synthesis. Thanks to Mango for helping fill the gaps.

Posted by Rynn
[Sun May 17 17:50:24 2020]
The Sephiroth superboss has undergone a slight change. Players can now obtain a mission to defeat him by entering the glass shrine at the heart of the Forgotten City. Like other superboss missions, this does not reward any XP. However, Sephiroth no longer drops Jenova Cells, an item needed to synth One-Winged Angel. Instead, players will now have to complete Sephiroth's mission and purchase Jenova Cells from the Fame shop.