Sensational Synthesis
Posted by Oreg
[Wed Jul 1 23:43:03 2020]
Torres has decided that he really doesn't need any more Defenders, seeing as he has a barrel full of the things collecting dust. The possibilities for advancing his trade presented by the Dragon Armlet have captured his attention though.
Torres no longer requires a Defender to synth a White Robe, instead he now requires a Dragon Armlet.
If you have any troubles synthing this item let your local wizards know!

Do me a favor...
Posted by Oreg
[Thu Jun 25 10:58:38 2020]
So I got in another letter from some guy/gal living in Elsendor. Currently I'm a little bogged up making sure things don't escape from my workroom so I'm going to pass this on to you guys. "So some old geezer rolls up in the camp set up on the lower portion of Elsendor, you know, the one at the bottom of the stairs on the western side of town? Anyway, old dude rolls up in this weird wagon and just starts making himself at home, without talkin' to anyone! Sets up some big streamer things in a bunch of different colors. Dude ends up taking up a pretty large area right near the cliffs, and after spending all afternoon setting up, he just pulls out a chair and sits around. I don't know what he is up to, but the geezer makes me uncomfortable. Could you, I don't know, send some people by to check him out or somethin?"
I don't know what's going on with the 'old geezer' but if some of you guys could look into it for me, I'd appreciate it.

Headgear and Head Gear
Posted by No
[Tue Jun 23 22:01:24 2020]
Headgear is a hat in UOSSMUD which is original from Final Fantasy Tactics.
Head Gear is a helmet in UOSSMUD which is originally from Secret of Mana.
That's confusing, so the hat (which is sold at the Jidoor Auction) has been renamed to Tactical Headgear. Now they should be easier to tell apart, especially with a screen reader.

Reptite lair stripped of mind control abilities!
Posted by Eithan
[Wed Jun 3 03:46:07 2020]
Finally, the reptite lair has had its room descriptions reworked! No longer will you be forced to wonder what's below this hole, feel fear when you're in fact laughing at the puny reptites before you, neither will you feel a sense of acomplishment about supposedly doing something vitally important when you just walked through the lair! Instead, it is now a proper primitive lair, and you all get to have freedom of thought and feeling!
Huge thanks to Oreg for being way, way too patient with me. Seriously.

Piano Lessons
Posted by Oreg
[Wed May 27 01:37:16 2020]
Learn to play piano in eight easy steps! Want to woo the subject of your adoration with unexpected skill? Then come see the wandering minstrel of Crescent Town and learn how! A new mission for players level 80 or higher is now available in the FFV realm.