Berserker Changes
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Mar 1 00:28:43 2021]
All attack abilities in Berserker (except Final Kick) have had a small adjustment made to their name. Now, if you are consuming Fury for the attack, it gains the "Furious" syntax. So, Flurry becomes Furious Flurry. Additionally, a major bug was discovered in the AoE abilities Boulder Toss and Twister that caused exponential growth of damage for each monster hit with a critical attack. Unfortunately, this does mean you will probably see lower damage from them overall. We're still discussing whether additional changes need to be made, as this was a critical issue that made these abilities significantly stronger than they should have been.

Some new items!
Posted by Meow
[Sat Feb 27 01:46:42 2021]
Two new items for players at level 55 have been added.
The Sniper's Eye grants bonus critical chance, attack, and provides Blind immunity. It is available from the Deep Dungeon Low shop.
The Drachen Greaves provide attack, and give the Swift Jump ability, making Dragoon's Jump skills land on the turn after they are used, instead of having a delay before they strike.
Enjoy! Sniper's Eye was made by Oreg, and Drachen Greaves by me. But you can still blame Krugen for typos in them.

Shinry Flyers
Posted by No
[Fri Feb 26 00:53:44 2021]
A bug with the Shinra Flyers mission was causing the bartender in Wutai to refuse to let certain players start the mission. (Technically you were able to do it, it just wasn't in your mission log.) If you previously had problems with this mission and were unable to start it, please return to the Turtle's Paradise bar in Wutai to get started. Doing so will roll a new set of flyers in six random inns for you to find. Sorry about that!

Deja Vu
Posted by Oreg
[Thu Feb 25 18:04:28 2021]
Turns out several Katanas had an obsolete weapon stat that wasn't providing any benefit. Instead they now feature an increased crit chance. Katana's affected by the change are: Flint Edge, Koutetsu, Murasame, Strato, and Ichimonji.
Good luck, and enjoy!

Use and Job Commands
Posted by Rynn
[Thu Feb 25 16:03:08 2021]
A change was made to the 'job' and 'use' commands that shouldn't affect players, but because of the importance of these commands I want players to be aware. If the 'job' and 'use' commands start acting wonky for you, let us know immediately. Again, this shouldn't happen, but better safe than sorry.