"New" blue mage spells
Posted by No
[Tue Jan 21 07:19:02 2020]
Some changes have been made to blue mage, including the addition of two additional (but not exactly new) spells, and a new passive ability that unlocks at a high job level. Players who have been playing for more than a decade or who play the Randomizer race might recognize these spells, which are actually unchanged from the old dummied-out versions that were included in the Randomizer race. Details are as follows:
- Revenge, a skill that works like Minus Strike and Shock!, has been added at job level 10.
- Self-destruct, a skill that sacrifices up to half of your current HP to damage an enemy by the same amount, has been added at job level 15.
- Frog Drop has been given one of the effects of the ability Frog Squash from Chrono Trigger: it now deals more damage the lower your HP is. If you're at exactly half HP, its power is slightly higher than before.
- Blood Suck no longer improves the healing of drain spells, which means that you can't combo it into itself.
- Dischord has been deleted.
- A new passive ability, Lore Mastery, has been added at job level 16, the same job level as Dischord was previously at. This passive ability is expensive but cannot be levelled. Learning it improves the accuracy of all of Blue Mage's status ailment spells and gravity spells. For Randomizer characters, this includes Missile.

Death to Speedwalks
Posted by Oreg
[Wed Jan 15 01:55:03 2020]
Ok, not really. FF4's Lunar Whale now works like all the other airships in the mud. That is to say you now have to board the Lunar Whale and then tell the pilot where you wish to go. All your moon core speed walks, consequentially, will send you running in circles around elsendor if you don't adjust them.

New Area: Jachol Cave
Posted by Salt
[Tue Jan 14 22:20:11 2020]
Jachol Cave has been added to the Final Fantasy 5 Realm. Although it's a smaller area, it's tuned for both +Legend and extremely careful lowbies. The nut and bone-crunching denizens eagerly await your arrival.
Jachol Cave can be reached by spelunking under Bal Castle or from the Bal Overland.

Slight Monster Rebalance
Posted by Aether
[Tue Jan 14 22:02:33 2020]
We've made a slight adjustment to two of the Monster form skillsets. Specifically, Cactrot has been improved somewhat, and Moogle has been nerfed somewhat. These two forms in particular were notably out of line with the power of comparable forms. This should help bring them back in line

What an Ordeal! (addendum)
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Jan 3 23:22:45 2020]
Since I forgot in the previous post, anyone who has previously completed the Holy/Dark quests will still have access to them. Just make sure you pick the right path if you don't want to lose them for a week.