job set inherent knight equip shield
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Oct 19 21:09:44 2020]
After more than 20 years, barring a few exception, abilities are no longer case sensitive when using the job command. This means you can job set inherent equip shield all you want.

Teleport Changes
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Oct 19 20:34:12 2020]
The teleport command received a bit of a facelift. The teleport to feature has had some areas removed from the list and some added. Additionally, a few locations will be unlocked after you meet the requirements, such as Elemental Quintessence after beating it and Chocobo hot/cold locations after unlocking them.

A new area revealed!
Posted by Oreg
[Fri Oct 9 20:00:12 2020]
Long shrouded behind heavy storms, Chrono Trigger's Mountain of Woe is now available for bold adventurers! The dangerous jouney to the top of the mountain is full of monsters designed to test heroes at, or near, legend. Some say there is a frightful opponent who rules the peak of Mt. Woe.
So get your climbing gear, travel through Terra Cave, and climb up to Mt. Woe. Adventure awaits!
p.s. All typos, errors, and mistakes are mine, but blame krugen anyway.

Animist: now with 20% more animist
Posted by Oreg
[Thu Oct 8 21:42:52 2020]
Animist has received a bit of an update. Anima skills now scale off your anima level, and there are some new passive abilities that will allow you to raise the typical anima level cap. This means it is possible to learn the capstone spells considerably earlier in game play, and lower level spells will stay relevant much longer than they used to.
Aqua Viper and Flame Naga received a decent base damage buff, and all three spalls that deal bonus damage to certain kinds of enemies how have a bigger bonus. Flame Naga now deals bonus damage to lizards instead of aquatic creatures. The buffs should help ease the pain of starting animist.
After the changes to how animist spell damage was calculated Delta Petra and Needle Shot were out performing all the other spells, so they got nerfed back to an appropriate power level. We enjoyed the high damage of Delta Petra so much that a new sword was added to DD_High which will bring its power back up for those players who enjoy using that strategy.
So while the overall play style of animist remains largely unchanged, it fits a little better with itself. Hopefully players won't feel like all the spells prior to Heaven's Thunder and Firestorm are just ap taxes.
Because of the larger update, all players have received an AP refund for Animist.
Special thanks to No and Rynn who each did a ton of work to make this happen. That said, I still claim credit for all the errors we missed, and you will doubtless find.
p.s. Animist now has an attack mod!

New command: setemail
Posted by No
[Tue Sep 29 16:28:10 2020]
If you want to update the email address that is used for account recovery in the case of a lost password (and for notices in case you are suspended, or your character gets accidentally vaporized by a game crash, or whatever), you can now change it with the "setemail" command. Apparently there was no way to do that until now, a fact which came to my attention when trying to contact people about their characters after the recent game crash.
We don't use your email for anything except account recovery and emergencies, and it is only visible to administrators (not wizards). You will never receive spam, newsletters, updates, or any other mass email, nor will your email be shared with anyone. In my seven years as head admin of UOSSMUD, I have sent a grand total of 34 emails - 22 lost password recovery emails, 6 notices to people affected by this weekend's crash, 4 emails to people who were connecting from a public location that had been banned because Zyloch used it, 1 response to a bug report that was sent via email for some reason, and 1 response to an email from someone who wanted to merge their MUD with UOSSMUD (telling them to bite me).