New status effect
Posted by No
[Fri Apr 1 07:01:06 2022]
We've added a new status effect to the game, the confuse effect. We've already added it to various parts of the MUD, so you might see it in play if you're lucky!

We Are the Champions!
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Mar 21 17:49:35 2022]
A new boomerang has been added to Hades' Synthesis Shop. Players that have completed the Dreams of the Fayth mission can obtain one of the ingredients in the fame shop.

Posted by No
[Mon Mar 21 15:44:50 2022]
A new superboss, Harle, has been added to UOSSMUD! Harle can be found at the pyramid in Medina Village, 1000 AD, in Chrono Trigger. She's recommended for a party of a few players around level 85. If you're not at least level 50, you can't find her at all.
Unlike most other superbosses, Harle doesn't keep giving her rewards infinitely. You will obtain them in a random order, but you'll only get each possible reward once. If you fight her with a party, every player receives a reward. Additionally, each time you kill her until she runs out of unique rewards, you also get a large amount of experience points and gold. After you've obtained all eight rewards from Harle, she stops giving this bonus XP and gold.
For more information, type "help harle". Good luck!
"If you try and go against realite... Realite will surely crush you. Realite will kill you. And realite will continue to go on az if not'ing ever happened."

Medina Village rooms and exits
Posted by No
[Sat Mar 19 08:28:13 2022]
The layout of Medina Village now actually matches its layout in Chrono Trigger. This means that almost every exit was changed, so your speedwalks to Melchior's Hut, Heckran's Cave, and Culex are probably broken and need to be fixed. The room descriptions in Medina were also rewritten to be less terrible, and no longer tell you how you feel about monsters that you already killed.

FF7 bracelets with vanilla effects
Posted by No
[Fri Mar 18 00:16:39 2022]
FF7 had three bracelets in the 25 to 45 level range with no special effects: Carbon Bangle, Silver Armlet, and Gold Armlet. One would expect these items to have higher defensive stats than specialized equipment with bonus effects. Um, they didn't.
The Carbon Bangle and Gold Armlet have both received increased physical defense, so they should now be the best physically defensive equipment available at their levels and for a good 10-20 levels thereafter.
The Silver Armlet was given a special effect based on one of its properties in FF4. It now grants Undead Slayer to the wielder, causing all of your auto-attacks to be critical hits against undead-type enemies (the undead creature type, not enemies that you've cast the Zombie spell on). I realize that's not a huge deal on a wis/will bracelet, but hopefully it's more interesting than nothing, and can be used by high level characters or unusual builds.