Signature Items for Dummies
Posted by No
[Thu Aug 15 09:06:02 2019]
Creating signature items now only requires 180 quest points instead of 200, to allow people to get that power without completing the Grandleon2 quest (which is extremely difficult to beat before level 100). To learn more about what signature items are and how they work, type help signature_items.

Quelb Mansion
Posted by Oreg
[Mon Aug 12 02:29:12 2019]
That pesky locked door into the mansion in Quelb has finally been unlocked. Handful of new rooms for your murdering spree. As always if you find any typos or run into any errors let us know. Enjoy

Shadow Bind for randomizers
Posted by No
[Wed Jul 17 00:44:32 2019]
If you're a randomizer, the marksman ability Shadow Bind has been renamed and is now called Shadow Bind Shot. This will prevent it from glitching out when it gets shuffled into ninja, or when ninja's Shadowbind gets shuffled into marksman. The ability name has not been changed for other races. Hopefully that's not too confusing. If people think it's confusing, I'll just change the name for everyone.

New Zone: Midgar Tunnels
Posted by Salt
[Mon Jul 15 19:30:26 2019]
The expansive Tunnels of Midgar have been uncovered and are now ready to be explored. They can be accessed through a maintenance hatch in the northern part of Shinra Tower Plaza in Final Fantasy 7.
Much like the disc based counterpart, this zone is a late game zone, tuned for Legends above 110. Players can expect rooms packed with monsters that yield around 50,000xp. This zone also has tough monsters which yield triple XP/AP.

Good luck!

Abunlocks command
Posted by No
[Sat Jul 6 16:04:47 2019]
The abunlocks command for the Randomizer race now shows Trainer abilities you've unlocked, in addition to Marksman and Blue Mage.