Nagrarok is upon us!
Posted by Oreg
[Thu Sep 12 02:38:49 2019]
No, it's not a typo, the famed sword Nagrarok has been added to the furshop. Nagrarok is well suited for adventurers who have favored their will stat, and enjoy jobs the allow the use of swords. In addition the synth recipe for Ragnarok has been updated, any players working on that synth should swing by and talk to Torres for more information. As always if there are any problems please file a bug report and tell a wizard. Enjoy!

The World Regenesis Organization wants YOU!
Posted by Salt
[Mon Sep 9 18:32:06 2019]
The World Regenesis Organization is looking for help with humanitarian aid in the Midgar Slums. Adventurers of at least level 15 can seek out the WRO Officer near the Sector 7 Reactor for more information!

Expanded Zone: Shinra Tower - Floors 49 & 59
Posted by Salt
[Thu Sep 5 13:47:55 2019]
A massive explosion on an upper level of the Shinra Tower this morning has rattled the elevator into a working condition! There are a few more floors to explore now and you'll find that the automated defenses that occupy the Shinra Tower Plaza have also infiltrated these floors. This zone is appropriate for level 40 and beyond.
Floor 59 is the Executive Reception and Floor 49 is the SOLDIER Headquarters from Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Both locations can be accessed from within Shinra Tower on the 3rd Floor.

Races in finger
Posted by No
[Wed Sep 4 05:02:30 2019]
After something like 20 years of having multiple races, I finally did the two hours of work needed to figure out how to put your race in the info that shows up when you are fingered.
Also, after something like 22 years of having the finger command, I still snicker when I type "you are fingered" in an announcement.

Menacing news
Posted by Oreg
[Sat Aug 31 04:11:50 2019]
Menacing news everyone! There is a new mission in the outskirts of FF7. The old climber Holzoff, who lives in the cabin at the base of Gaea's Cliffs has some information for brave adventurers over level 100! Fair warning this mission is designed for groups of players between level 105-110. As always, if there are any problems or complains write a bug report and tell me! (I also accept praise, just say'n) It may take a few days for Montblanc in the fame shop to get his new shipment in, but feel free to check in with him.