Inventory in blind user mode
Posted by No
[Sun Feb 11 18:12:40 2024]
The layout of the inv2 command has been improved for players with blind user mode turned on, and is now recommended for those in blind user mode rather than the default inventory command. Turning on blind user mode tells you so.
Additionally, the -weightless flag has been added to both the inventory and inv2 commands, and works like the potions command. Typing potions with blind user mode turned on is the same as inv2 -weightless, and typing it without blind user mode turned on is the same as typing i -weightless.

Buff ability changes
Posted by No
[Tue Jan 2 00:22:31 2024]
The following buff abilities have been changed:
Focus (Sorcerer): Now costs 5 MP, instead of 5% of max MP.
Build Up (Monk): No longer increases in power with ability level, only duration. AP for this skill has been refunded.
Endurance (Monk): No longer increases in power with ability level, only duration. AP for this skill has been refunded.
Purge (Squire): A cooldown has been added to the Refreshment effect that is applied if you've learned the Self-Healing squire passive ability. While the Refreshment effect is on cooldown, Purge can still be used, but only removes ailments directly and doesn't apply Refreshment. AP for this skill has been refunded.

HK/DK as Randomizer
Posted by Rynn
[Thu Dec 21 12:28:15 2023]
Since Randomizers get randomly locked out of things every reboot, we have reduced the lockout timer for randomizer characters doing the HK/DK mission to be on reboot instead of weekly.

I sense...
Posted by Oreg
[Wed Dec 13 02:00:19 2023]
A new mission has been added in Chrono Trigger. Stop by Gaspar for more information if you are level 95 or higher. Best of luck, Oreg

Magitekians Unite!!
Posted by Oreg
[Tue Dec 12 20:49:30 2023]
Magitek Knight has long held the crown as the hardest job to unlock here in UOSSM. For a long time it has gone without much adjustment, while the other jobs have been updated and tweaked for quality of life improvements. So I thought it was time to give Magitek Knight a looking over. With the assistance of the other staff members we've added a couple utility tweaks and an overall improvement in gameplay.
The tricky part of this update is that Magitek Knight was already a really strong job. Ability to take advantage of elemental weaknessess? Check. Strong single target skill? Check. Built in heals and buffs? Check, Check. Our focus became: how to make Magitek more engaging?
To that point we've done the following: *Diffuser is a new command ability that will dispel beneficial magic from the target. *Runic Weapon is a new command that will grant you the Runic counterattack for a short duration. *TekMastery is a new passive skill that will allow Ice Beam, Fire Beam, Bolt Beam and BioBlast to infuse your next TekMissile with elemental power. There is a short delay after each infusion before that element can be benefited from.
Managing elemental rotations with TekMissile will result in slightly more damage than simply spamming TekMissile, while also being a more active play pattern. Diffuser ensures that any stat build will have access to a solid dispel, and Runic Weapon offeres an unusual but potent defensive tool. Again thanks to No for listening to all my terrible ideas and saving the mud from them. Also I blame both Eithan and Krugen for any errors that occur during this update, as we all know they couldn't have been caused or prevented by me.