Eyedrops from giant floating eyeball orbs
Posted by No
[Mon May 31 05:02:26 2021]
Restorative Item orbs in the mystery dungeon now give some randomly chosen basic status healing items, as well as a small number of HP or MP healing items appropriate to the floor you're on. This should not only make them useful for people other than chemists, but should also make it actually possible to get eyedrops, green cherries, holy waters, cornucopias, tranquilizers, and softs in the mystery dungeon, since they're not sold in the shops.
They're still not the most amazing orbs, but at least you didn't find an amnesia trap.

Was It Only a Dream?
Posted by Rynn
[Tue May 25 16:39:50 2021]
A new mission has been added for players that have completed the 'To Zanarkand' mission. A mysterious boy in a purple hoodie has been spotted in the northwestern side of Elsendor. This mission is designed for players around level 130 and is considered very difficult. You may not want to go alone. Thanks to Meow, Oreg, and Xae for helping QC this mission and the fights. Good luck. This mission isn't for the faint of heart.

Legacy Treasure mission
Posted by Aether
[Fri May 14 21:40:13 2021]
There is a new mission available from a historian on the north side of Elsendor doing research on the history of the shared universe and Memoria. There is no level requirement for the mission. Please report any bugs, thanks!

Follow Block
Posted by Rynn
[Thu May 13 18:06:48 2021]
You can now block or unblock other players from being able to follow you.
Usage: follow block follow unblock

Posted by Aether
[Tue May 11 19:16:36 2021]
There's a new command, eqinfo, that will show you the information table for an item. It functions in a nearly identical manner to the eqfind command. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Thanks!