Rules about seconds updated
Posted by No
[Mon Oct 14 14:14:48 2019]
Some minor changes and clarifications have been made to the rules about creating seconds. First and probably most importantly, any wizard, not just a Lord+, is now capable of creating a second of an alternate race for you. No longer are you forced to wait until I'm unidle at 4 AM.
Also, the rules for what exactly counts as a squaresoft name and the procedure for getting a name that's been taken by an old level 1 character have been clarified a little.

Girls Girls Girls!
Posted by Salt
[Wed Oct 9 21:37:17 2019]
----------------------------------------------------------------- | The Don is looking for some new chickies for his penthouse! | | | | No girl will be turned away! | | | | Do you have an ugly sister? Bring her on down to Don Corneo's | | for an offer she can't refuse... | |---------------------------------------------------------------|
Business cards like these have been found all over Midgar lately. Don Corneo's men have been up to some unsavory business practices.
Adventurers above level 19 are encouraged to investigate the Mansion on the northern part of Sector 6 in Midgar of Final Fantasy 7.

Shinra Flyers and Quelb
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Oct 8 16:49:29 2019]
If you've been having trouble finishing Shinra Flyers, you should probably recheck the Quelb inn. A typo in the quest file was preventing anyone that had that inn from finishing the quest.

Elsendor Update
Posted by Salt
[Sun Oct 6 23:28:42 2019]
After more than two decades of faithful service, Elsendor has been given a facelift! Functionally, not much has changed but almost every room has been given a new look and brought up to our current coding standards.
The biggest change is the Arena, which is now located across the street from the Fame Shop in the Northwestern section of Elsendor. One of Kokkol's apprentices has taken over the Magical Forge and the skydocks in the southwest have become integrated into the city proper. Additionally, the Exotic Weapons Store has been foreclosed. You can find their weapons in logical places throughout the realms. Finally, The Ninja & Samurai shops have been combined.

Great Plains of Bal-halla
Posted by Oreg
[Sun Oct 6 04:13:00 2019]
The overland of Bal Continent is now available for players. The large continent connects Bal Castle and the village of Quelb.
The monsters who live on the plains are well suited for anyone over level 65 or so.
As usual if you find any errors please let a wizard know. I hope you enjoy! --Oreg