Legacy News
Posted by Rynn
[Thu May 6 15:57:42 2021]
For those of you who prefer the old news system, you can revert to the old news system by enabling the legacy news setting using the 'settings' command.

Coliseum Wagers
Posted by Rynn
[Wed May 5 16:08:28 2021]
A small change was added to the Coliseum. Now, if you decline a wager, that item will not be a reward for the next 5 declined wagers. This should make getting a specific wager slightly easier as you should see duplicates less.

Chocobo Seals
Posted by Rynn
[Tue May 4 23:48:39 2021]
After a discussion regarding chocobo seal drop rates, I noticed a bug in the code that was causing the drop rates to be slightly lower for seals than they should be. Additionally, I increased the chances chocobos would find saddles/talons with 2 or more seals already attached slightly. Overall, you should find yourself getting a bit more seals than before. Not a lot, but a bit.

Mystery Dungeon Cyborg Adjustment
Posted by Aether
[Fri Apr 30 15:46:01 2021]
Cyborgs will no longer find Blue Chests in Mystery Dungeon. This should alleviate some of the long term issue of, "if you're not playing cyborg in mystery dungone, you're doing it wrong". They can still bring in blue chest items, and completions will still increase the player's capacity.

QQ More!
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Apr 26 19:48:06 2021]
A new race has been added to anyone wishing to venture into the Mystery Dungeon: Onion Knight. For anyone familiar with roguelike games, Onion Knight may be your jam. Onion Knights play very differently from other races. For Onion Knights, AP crystals in Mystery Dungeon have been replaced with soul crystals. These soul crystals, when opened, give Onion Knights a variety of choices on how to change their current playstyle, such as switching secondary/counter/inherent, unlocking equipment slots, or even linking abilities from any job to the Onion Knight job, letting these abilities be used even without the job set. If you like roguelikes and want a much more random experience in Mystery Dungeon, Onion Knight is for you. Be warned, though, Onion Knight is definitely a challenge mode. Thanks to Tristal, No, and Aether for testing and design input.