Updated Help Files
Posted by Rynn
[Wed Sep 27 12:22:18 2023]
The status helpfile (viewable by typing 'help status') has been overhauled. For years, players have been confused about why certain status effects *coughdischordcough* aren't removable. The help file now helps better explain the difference between status effects and buffs/debuffs. Additionally, several effects that weren't previously in the help file have been added. This update comes in addition to a new help file meant to explain what that new 'Properties' line in some ability help files means: help properties. We'll continue to gradually add this line to ability helpfiles so players can get a bigger picture on what affects certain abilities.

Zantetsuken Clarification
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Sep 26 00:21:19 2023]
I goofed on the token name. It's actually $$tok_samurai_gauge$$ to display the zantetsuken gauge on your hpbar. You can also see your current samurai crest with $$tok_samurai_crest$$

Berserker Changes
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Sep 26 00:14:41 2023]
Berserker has had a few tweaks to its abilities.
* Hone Senses now increases critical strike by 35%. It does not stack with Aim or SOS Critical. * Rampage now lasts 20 seconds, but makes you invulnerable to damage for 2 rounds. It also has a 60 second cooldown when the effect ends. * Howl can now be used while under the effects of Rampage. * The base AP costs for the passive abilities have been reduced from 1500 to 1000. * Rollo Kick, Cat Attack, and Triple Kick have had their Furious damage increased. * We've reworked how critical strike works for Berserker attacks. It's now an all-or-none chance unless you have a Killer effect, in which case it will always crit appropriate enemies. This means you'll either crit all enemies or none of them.
These changes should make Berserker feel a bit more competitive at different levels and against bosses. Unfortunately, with the removal of Death Strike, it's now a little harder to maximize your critical strike chance. To compensate, Hone Senses was buffed from 20% to 35% crit. You'll now need to rely more on equipment to maximize your critical strike rate.

Samurai Recode
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Sep 25 23:41:47 2023]
Samurai has undergone a subtle, but noticeable recode. For starters, much to No's dismay, the ability names have changed to the War of the Lions translation. Samurai also no longer needs physical seals to use their abilities.
A quick glance will reveal that most of the damaging abilities in Samurai are now gone. In their place, Samurai uses Spirit Blade to deal their damage. As Samurais gain job levels, they also gain access to Crest buffs. While under the effects of one of the Crest buffs, Spirit Blade changes what it does at the risk of breaking the Crest similar to how seals used to break. When a Crest breaks, it is put on a one minute cooldown. You can still prevent the breakage using the Maintenance inherent.
Yojimbo has been completely removed and Samurai has a new capstone: Zantetsuken. While under the effects of a Crest, hitting enemies with Spirit Blade now generates zantetsuken gauge (HPbar token: $$tok_samurai_zantetsuken$$ ). Once it has reach 100%, you can use Zantetsuken, an incredibly powerful non-elemental aoe attack. At job level 23, Samurai can learn Arm of Darkness, a buff that reduces your melee damage and prevents you from gaining zantetsuken gauge by hitting enemies with Spirit Blade, but causes your melee attacks to generate zantetsuken gauge.
Probably the biggest change to Samurai for some players is the removal of the Death Strike counter. Unfortunately, we deemed Death Strike to be much too strong for certain builds (particularly Agi). In its place, Samurai now has 2 new counters: SOS Critical and Bonecrusher. SOS Critical increases your critical strike rate by 35% when below 50% HP. This does not stack with Aim or Hone Senses. Bonecrusher is a damaging counter that deals raw damage based on hp loss (similar to Minus Strike) to an enemy.
As usual, please report any bugs. Thanks to No, Mabel, and Regris for testing and design input.

SOS Counters
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Sep 22 17:06:00 2023]
A small back-end change was done to how SOS counters work. This shouldn't affect players in the slightest, but in the event something broke, I want players to be aware of this change and to bug report it if you find things going wrong with SOS counters.