Mystery Dungeon Adjustments
Posted by Aether
[Thu Apr 15 04:33:24 2021]
We made a few adjustments to Mystery Dungeon. First, the XP/AP bonus per floor has doubled. So you will now get 120% on floor 1, 140% on floor 2, etc.
There is now a high chance for mobs to spawn in a room, rather than guaranteed in every room
Finally, monsters in the dungeon will prevent you from picking up any gear that is lying on the ground.
These changes are meant to improve the gameplay experience overall for all races. If you find any issues, please report them. Thanks!

About time!
Posted by Meow
[Tue Apr 13 00:12:02 2021]
Time Mage has been modified, with mostly cosmetic changes.
First, all of Time Mage's skills will now use standardized text for when statuses are inflicted, wear off, fail to affect monster, or the target is already affected by them. Several bugs were fixed with skills not starting combat if the skill missed.
Time Mage was the final job using the "2" suffix for advanced skills. This has been changed. Comet2 has been renamed to Starstorm. Haste2 has been renamed to Hastega. Slow2 has been renamed to Slowega.
Meteor has been reworked slightly. Due to Time Mage struggling to use area magic at low job levels, Meteor's Job Level requirement has been changed to 12. The power and cost of Meteor was significantly reduced, however learning the Red Star passive will boost Meteor to its former power/cost. Effectively, Time Mage can now use weaker area attacks earlier.
Any skill that is affected by Red Star will also have "Red" added to its name, when the passive is learned. These skills are: Comet becomes Red Comet. Starstorm becomes Red Starstorm. Meteor becomes Red Meteor.
AP has been refunded for both Time Mage and Swordsman.

Posted by Oreg
[Tue Apr 13 00:10:46 2021]
Swordsman has just received some much deserved quality of life improvements. The charge mechanic for swordsman is unique and interesting, but lacked player interaction and required equipment and/or skills not available to players until after legend status. The goal of each of these changes was to improve player control and strengthen the jobs early stages.
The single biggest change is to Charge itself. Swordsman will now retain their charge for a very brief window after a mob dies, assuming the swordsman doesn't move. This provides an opportunity to initiate combat with another mob in the same room without wasting your hard earned charge stacks. To make room for some of the other changes and to boost swordsmans early career Charge's stack cap has been increased by one. Additionally overcharge now has a base 5% chance to trigger.
Two new skills were added Brave and Default. Default allows the Swordsman to take on a defensive stance for one turn, and doubles their charge gains for that round. This skill is available from job level 1. Brave will duplicate the last charged swdtech skill, including charge stacks. For a brief time after using Brave swdtech skills will not be useable, and there is a significant cooldown between Brave uses.
Lastly the news that will make some rejoice and others hunt for rotten fruit to throw at me. Slash now requires job level 14, in exchange QuadraSlam no longer has a job requirement. This means players who want to Slash things to death will have to wait a little longer to get started, but Swordsman now has earlier access to their multi-hit skills.
A variety of other small tweaks and changes have taken place, all in an effort to make Swordsman a more rewarding experience.
Special thanks to No, who stayed up way too late tossing ideas around with me; and Meow for helping clean up my code and do testing. If you find any errors blame Krugen, but I'll fix them.

Mystery Dungeon Races
Posted by Aether
[Mon Apr 12 16:10:32 2021]
The gatekeeper has figured out how to change your race when you are entering Memoria. If you wish to change your race on a specific player when entering, speak to the gatekeeper and he will tell you how to do so. Note that if you have a current run active, you will always enter as the race you first entered as for that run. You may reset a run by ringing the bell in the belltower.
Please report any bugs or issues with this. Enjoy!

Mystery Dungeon Traps
Posted by Aether
[Fri Apr 9 18:20:43 2021]
You can now see a list of all the traps you have identified in Mystery Dungeon using the 'mdtraps' command