HP/MP Changes
Posted by Rynn
[Sat Nov 18 03:00:01 2023]
In a rare move, we have made some significant adjustments to how HP and MP are handled in the backend code. What does this mean for you? It means that HP and MP increasing equipment will be a bit more accurate to their values. I could go into a long spiel about how this effects players, but the bottom line is it's mostly a buff to players using HP and MP increasing equipment and abilities. I highly recommend some Wis players checking out some of the +MP equipment to see just how much more MP they get now. Perhaps this will mitigate some of the MP management issues.
Because of this change, we've also looked at how HP <-> MP works for Eternians. Instead of swapping all HP and MP effects and buffs, HP <-> MP now only swaps your job mods. Apologies to the 3? people who actually use +HP or +MP equipment. On the plus side, this means Bubble will actually increase your HP now instead of MP.

Cscore & HPbar changes
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Nov 13 16:01:38 2023]
Cscore has been updated to include the recent changes to score, including equipment attack/mattack/defense/mdefense, critical strike values, and evade/block values. See 'help setcscore' for more information.
Two new tokens have been added to hpbars to help geomancers: geomancer_terrain and geomancer_geodance. These should be mostly self-explanatory. See 'help hpbar' for more information.

DD Shop & Serpentarius
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Nov 7 15:30:29 2023]
The items in the dd_high tier of the DD shop that require killing Serpentarius have been moved out of the dd_high tier into a new serpentarius tier to make things a little cleaner and easier to read in the dd_high tier.

Job Set Command
Posted by Rynn
[Sat Oct 28 12:30:25 2023]
The 'job set command' command will now allow you to set your secondary using the job's name in addition to the job's command ID. This should make it a little easier to set your secondary for those jobs that have weird command IDs (I'm looking at you, yinyangmagic).
To be more clear, 'job set command chemist' will now work the same as 'job set command item'

Limit on seconds removed
Posted by No
[Tue Oct 24 23:49:44 2023]
There's no longer a limit of 25 characters per player. Please do not use this as an excuse to make hundreds of characters that you don't play, just to reserve the names or something stupid like that. If you do something stupid and abusive, I'll just delete the characters related to whatever you're doing that's stupid and abusive, and then probably ban you from making seconds.
Enjoy your giant horde of alts.