Job View Innate Abilities
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Jun 25 13:07:02 2021]
The 'job view' command will now show if a job has any innate abilities.

Mec: Addendum
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Jun 18 02:08:36 2021]
Also, Self-Repair will now heal Feedback damage 3 rounds after taking the damage.

Adjustments to Mec
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Jun 18 02:07:06 2021]
The Mec job available to Cyborgs (and Randomizers) has undergone some significant adjustments. Over the past few years, we have found that Mec's adherence to job level requirements has caused nearly all Cyborgs to use only the Mec job while playing the race. Some of us found this to be frustrating, as everyone using a single job destroyed the unique traits of the race. To mitigate this, Mec abilities now require player levels instead of job levels to unlock abilities. The level at which abilities unlock in Mec now are roughly equivalent to the player level they would obtain them previously, so most people should not notice a huge difference.
In addition to this change, the "Variable" abilities in Mec have been adjusted to be called "Feedback" abilities. Instead of using your highest attack stat, these abilities are now based on your Vit. Crush and Compress remain unchanged. Mec also now has 4 new passive abilities, meaning you don't have to save all your AP for Cosmic Rave or Shoot-All anymore. Lastly, Maxwell Program now grants you Magic Attack in addition to MP Regen, making it a more appealing choice for Magic Attack cyborgs than before.
Thanks to almost all the wizards for input on how to balance these changes and QC.

Eyedrops from giant floating eyeball orbs
Posted by No
[Mon May 31 05:02:26 2021]
Restorative Item orbs in the mystery dungeon now give some randomly chosen basic status healing items, as well as a small number of HP or MP healing items appropriate to the floor you're on. This should not only make them useful for people other than chemists, but should also make it actually possible to get eyedrops, green cherries, holy waters, cornucopias, tranquilizers, and softs in the mystery dungeon, since they're not sold in the shops.
They're still not the most amazing orbs, but at least you didn't find an amnesia trap.

Was It Only a Dream?
Posted by Rynn
[Tue May 25 16:39:50 2021]
A new mission has been added for players that have completed the 'To Zanarkand' mission. A mysterious boy in a purple hoodie has been spotted in the northwestern side of Elsendor. This mission is designed for players around level 130 and is considered very difficult. You may not want to go alone. Thanks to Meow, Oreg, and Xae for helping QC this mission and the fights. Good luck. This mission isn't for the faint of heart.