Updated Zone: Figaro Castle
Posted by Salt
[Tue Nov 12 18:14:37 2019]
Figaro Castle has been overhauled! It remains a level 15 zone, but now more accurately represents the Figaro Castle you may know and love from Final Fantasy 6.
If you care to visit, you'll no longer be informed that you're an out of shape schmuck wandering the the castle running into grandfather clocks that didn't actually exist. Hopefully the new descriptions more accurately portray Figaro's technological prowess.
As it's always been, you can reach Figaro Castle in FF6 by asking Setzer to take you there in his airship!

Posted by Salt
[Thu Oct 31 19:14:08 2019]
The WRO Officers at the WRO Outpost near Midgar's Reactor 7 want to investigate why Shinra continues to have a prescence in Midgar. They suspect Don Corneo might have the answer. Adventurers above level 19 should report to the WRO Outpost in the Midgar Ruins located in FF7 and see if they can get some answers out of that creep.

Rules about seconds updated
Posted by No
[Mon Oct 14 14:14:48 2019]
Some minor changes and clarifications have been made to the rules about creating seconds. First and probably most importantly, any wizard, not just a Lord+, is now capable of creating a second of an alternate race for you. No longer are you forced to wait until I'm unidle at 4 AM.
Also, the rules for what exactly counts as a squaresoft name and the procedure for getting a name that's been taken by an old level 1 character have been clarified a little.

Girls Girls Girls!
Posted by Salt
[Wed Oct 9 21:37:17 2019]
----------------------------------------------------------------- | The Don is looking for some new chickies for his penthouse! | | | | No girl will be turned away! | | | | Do you have an ugly sister? Bring her on down to Don Corneo's | | for an offer she can't refuse... | |---------------------------------------------------------------|
Business cards like these have been found all over Midgar lately. Don Corneo's men have been up to some unsavory business practices.
Adventurers above level 19 are encouraged to investigate the Mansion on the northern part of Sector 6 in Midgar of Final Fantasy 7.

Shinra Flyers and Quelb
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Oct 8 16:49:29 2019]
If you've been having trouble finishing Shinra Flyers, you should probably recheck the Quelb inn. A typo in the quest file was preventing anyone that had that inn from finishing the quest.