Synth Breakthrough!
Posted by Oreg
[Sun Mar 29 05:53:18 2020]
Wayne and Torres recently made a huge leap in the craft of synthesizing new equipment. Specifically Gaia Gear no longs requires the powerful, and exceptionally rare Cockatrice Cap. Swing by and talk to them about it, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to tell you what you need to bring them!

Overdrive inherent in Soldier
Posted by No
[Thu Mar 26 22:25:11 2020]
Soldier has a new inherent ability, Overdrive. Players who are in the Soldier job will get the effects of this inherent automatically, like how Ninja gets Two Swords automatically. Players who want to use it in other jobs will need to get to job level 8 first in order to unlock the version of the ability that can be set as an inherent.
Overdrive increases your maximum HP by 25%, but you can't actually heal the extra HP you gain from this inherent ability. You will be unable to heal beyond 80% of your max HP. Since you'll always be missing HP, this will increase the power of abilities that are more effective when your HP is lower, such as Soldier's limit skills, Knight's Minus Strike and Shield Strike, and Blue Mage's White Wind and Revenge.
Vitality-based characters have complained for a long time that it's impossible to use Minus Strike, Revenge and Shock! while in a large party, because they get healed every round by their party members. This inherent ability should make it so those skills never do 0 damage.

Twin Stars and Twin Meteor
Posted by No
[Wed Mar 25 17:38:38 2020]
Twin Stars, an accessory granted by the Lunar Eidolon boss fights, has been buffed somewhat. In addition to its effect of letting you cast twin magic over the course of two rounds without dualcast or double, it now also grants +20 wisdom.
The spell Twin Meteor has also been buffed and is now 25% stronger than before.

Final Kick
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Mar 24 00:54:43 2020]
Unfortunately, despite several nerfs, Berserker was still completely outclassing all other strength jobs. The ability to alternate using Berserk and Final Kick was making it so Berserker was virtually indestructible. A couple changes have been made to Berserker and Final Kick to (hopefully) bring it down just a little but not completely neuter the job. Final Kick now requires you to have consumed at least 50 Fury before it can be used. However, to counter this somewhat, Final Kick now does damage based on the amount of missing Fury instead of consuming Fury. Additionally, Berserker's Strength and Agility job mods have been reduced.

Holy Aura
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Mar 24 00:15:15 2020]
Holy Aura has been adjusted slightly. It now gives a static +15% to stats instead of the previous 10% that scaled with level.