Citizens rejoice!
Posted by Oreg
[Wed Feb 12 10:56:38 2020]
Well, citizens of Choras should rejoice anyway. Mostly because they actually exist now. No you can't kill them, but you can talk to them.
Any errors you find are 100% my fault and I'll fix them as soon as you put in a typo report!

Militia Towers
Posted by Aether
[Mon Feb 10 15:38:54 2020]
You may now use militia towers again. If you get any errors with raids, please bug report them. Thanks!

New Mission in Mobliz: Orphaned by the Light
Posted by Eithan
[Mon Feb 10 11:39:30 2020]
Once the world fell into Ruin, Kefka turned his Light of Judgement on the small village of Mobliz, devastating it not long after the resultant earthquake that had devastated the realm. Most of the adults who were trying to save the young ones perished in that calamity, some afterward. Terra, once an Esper, has been taking care of them ever since, with the help of a couple, Duane and Katarin. Now the children consider her as their mother, and her love of them is very deep, being the feeling what made her survive the loss of her esper powers and finally experience freedom from that burden. However, Kefka's devastation of the world released great beings, ancient monsters that delight in chaos and suffering. One such monster, Phunbaba, has been assaulting the wreckage of Mobliz. Terra tries to defend the children, but she is no longer the hero who assisted in defeating General Kefka. Speak to Terra in Mobliz to initiate the mission. The minimum level for this mission is 65. Any typos or errors or dumb things are copyright Eithan. Good luck!

Combat Mastery and Shooting Mastery
Posted by No
[Mon Feb 10 06:15:05 2020]
The requirements to use Combat Mastery and Shooting Mastery, the inherent abilities in the Mec job, have changed. These inherent abilities are no longer usable with weapons that deal hybrid strength/agility damage. Instead, Combat Mastery is now only usable with purely strength-based weapons, and Shooting Mastery is now only usable with purely agility-based weapons. This design should help make single-stat weapons less weak compared to hybrid weapons for cyborgs, who tend to have much higher numbers in their secondary stats than other races, and thus get more benefit out of hybrid weapons than other races.
Additionally, Shooting Mastery and Combat Mastery are now exactly as powerful as each other. This is a slight increase to Combat Mastery and a slight decrease to Shooting Mastery.
Finally, on an only tangentially related note, Randomizer characters who set Two Hands in monk should now properly get the benefit of it. Previously, due to a bug, the Two Hands inherent was ineffective for monks even if the Randomizer race caused them to lose the Two Swords innate and be able to wield hammers.

Militia Towers
Posted by Oreg
[Sun Feb 9 08:09:17 2020]
Something is causing the MTD Towers to error. While we do not want to suspend militia raids until it can be fixed, please avoid using towers for raids until the issue can be resolved. We are working hard to track down the problem and fix it, and appreciate your assistance. If any wizard appears grump at you because you used towers it is because the errors are super spammy. --Oreg