Equipment Effects
Posted by Rynn
[Thu Nov 26 00:53:30 2020]
Good news, everyone! I've developed a method to allow you to see what effects a piece of equipment has. If you look at your items, you will discover that they now have an Effects tab that tells you what they do. However, not EVERY item has this functionality. Thankfully, the items that don't show effects should mostly be limited to gag items that aren't normally accessible. If you can buy it or it drops from a monster it should have effects. If you find a non-gag item that you think isn't showing the effects, please bug report it. Please don't bug report gag items that aren't meant to be used for anything serious.

More Broken Speedwalks!
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Nov 23 17:07:18 2020]
The Figaro Desert has gotten a small face lift. It is now more akin to a normal overland. The airship will bring you to the entrance to Figaro and you will now have to type "figaro" to get in. It is no longer some weird amalgam of overland and castle that's impossible to map. On the plus side, you get 3 more rooms of Maligas and Sand Horses to kill. You might want to update your speedwalks. On a different note, the desert has a new-ish map. Unfortunately, it's not a standard overland map so I don't think the blind mode works on it yet.

Hiryuu Overland!
Posted by Eithan
[Thu Oct 29 04:16:01 2020]
A new overland, Hiryuu Overland, is now out and ready for exploration in FF5, accessible from the northern gate in Quelb. The level range is a wide one, but it's pretty much just like Bal Overland, being around levels 70 to 90.
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job set inherent knight equip shield
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Oct 19 21:09:44 2020]
After more than 20 years, barring a few exception, abilities are no longer case sensitive when using the job command. This means you can job set inherent equip shield all you want.

Teleport Changes
Posted by Rynn
[Mon Oct 19 20:34:12 2020]
The teleport command received a bit of a facelift. The teleport to feature has had some areas removed from the list and some added. Additionally, a few locations will be unlocked after you meet the requirements, such as Elemental Quintessence after beating it and Chocobo hot/cold locations after unlocking them.