Change to Login
Posted by Rynn
[Wed Dec 1 21:31:40 2021]
We've completely revamped the way players log in. Starting today, new players will need to create an account in order to create characters. This new account must be an email address, and will be used for account/character recovery in the future, so please try to make it legit. If you have an existing character, you can create a new account using the 'account' command. This will tie all of the characters on your secondlist to this account.
Now, as for why we did this. From this point on, players will no longer need to ask wizards for secondary characters. As long as you have an account, you can create new characters within that account. Characters can also now select their race on creation. If you have a character that meets the requirements for the race, it will show up in your race selection list on creation. Currently the only exception to this is Jumi, which has restrictions for creation that can't be automated.
As always, please report any bugs.

Lookingway and Mappingway for screen readers
Posted by No
[Sun Oct 10 12:23:11 2021]
The Mappingway and Lookingway items for the deep dungeon are now somewhat less useless for blind users with screen readers. I can't exactly make them print out detailed directions to the exit, since it's a randomly generated maze, but they now at least give the coordinates of the stairs leading up and down, and also tell you something like "Stairs leading down are 1 east and 3 south from stairs leading up."
I left the ascii map in place for people who want to try to interpret it, or for people who use blind mode despite not actually being blind. I also edited the description of Mappingway in the shop and in your inventory, so you can more easily tell which item is infinite-use and which one is single-use.

Empowered Grandleon renamed
Posted by No
[Wed Oct 6 23:59:52 2021]
The empowered version of the Grandleon has been renamed to Empowered Grandleon. If you're looking through your bags for a Grandleon and can't find it, that's why. This should make the eqinfo command actually able to distinguish between the two versions of the sword.

Back to Basics!
Posted by Oreg
[Sun Sep 5 04:15:15 2021]
As a consumate typoist I cannot expound sufficiently about my annoyance with Cheer and Cheer-Up. I've just finished recoding squire and I still can't reliably remember which skill buffed which stats or for how long. Squire also happens to be oppresively good in too many situations despite of being stunningly tedious.
Since no one stopped me(or particularly disagreed), I assaulted my fellow wizards with a long series of ideas on how to improve the "Squire Experience". The result is Squire losing a number of skills that not only overlapped in status, but had obnoxiously confusing names. This reduces the number of skills you have to keep track of, and gave us some creative room to add some much needed interaction.
Cheer-Up and Yell have died in a fire. They made me feel dumb, and now they are dead.
A new passive skill, Incite, will greatly improve the quality of Cheer by granting increased duration and a more potent buff to Attack, Defense and Mdefense.
After learning Battle Cry, a second new passive skill, Reflex will not only grant improved evasion but will also grant a significant bonus to agility for the Squire's party.
Heal was a silly name for an ability, so it's been renamed Purge to better fit its effect. The passive skill Self-Healing will upgrade Purge, cleansing the player of most negative ailments every few rounds for a short duration.
Scream no longer increases agility, but retains it's bonus to strength. Additionally it now bestows both Dragon Force and Mighty Guard buffs. Overall this improved the quality of the buff while also preventing it from stacking with nearly identicle buffs.
Accumulate received a massive increase to its duration, and became the focal point for Squire's new mechanic. Accumulate and Scream will improve the damage of Throw Stone or Dash on each use, while Cheer and Reflex only have a random chance to grant this improvement. The bonus stacks up to five times for each skill independantly, and the damage modifier is exponential.
To summarize Squire now only has four buffing skills (Accumulate, Cheer, Reflex, and Scream), gained a better version of Heal, which is now called Purge, and can occasionally throw a rock like an anime baseball player. Squire should maintain its position as a powerful support job, while not being nearly as tedious to utilitize.
A massive shoutout to No for enduring some of my more...interesting ideas, while providing better alternatives. Rynn for catching a shameful number of grammar and typo errors, and Meow, who did the lion's share of work (pun intended) reinforcing some of my code, and cleaning sneaky typos.
As Squire is so widely used and appreciated none of these changes were taken lightly, and this project has been in the works for a couple months. So, if there are any mistakes blame Krugen for doing nothing, then send us a bug report.
P.S. As is tradition for major overhauls, everyone's Squire ap has been refunded.

Changes to PK
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Aug 17 16:39:15 2021]
Since we changed the benefits for PKing years ago, it doesn't make sense to make people permanently PK on. You can now turn PK on and off almost at will. Once you have turned PK on or off, there is a 1 hour cooldown before you can go back.