Changes to Zodiac Raids
Posted by Rynn
[Sat Jan 16 19:47:04 2021]
After noticing that some players were finishing Zodiac raids WAY too fast, we have discussed and evaluated some options to resolve this issue. The previous change to teleporting to other players during raids has been reverted. However, auracite is no longer visible on monsters. The Auracite Locator item has been added back to the militia shop. The Auracite Locator will display which platoon the auracite is located on. If you have fewer than 3 players in the raid, it will also tell you which monster type is carrying it. Auracite Locator can only be used within the Militia Observatory and will be destroyed on use. There is also a 3 minute cooldown per person using it.

Teleporting during Raids
Posted by Rynn
[Fri Jan 15 14:12:17 2021]
Players can no longer teleport to other players during militia raids.

Needs more Pink Tails!
Posted by Rynn
[Sat Jan 2 19:26:32 2021]
Soldiers tired of not being able to equip Materia Blades in Wizard? Don't like that you can't equip Books as a Wizaard? Say no more! A new item has been added to the pink puff tier of the furshop: Merit Award. This accessory can be equipped by anyone at any level for the lost price of 5 pink tails and one of your accessory slots. When equipped, Merit Award allows you to equip any item types in any job, so long as you meet the stat and job level requirements. Due to the nature of this item, unequipping it will force all other equipment to be unequipped as well. I advise anyone trying to use this item against Lunar Shiva to avoid doing so, unless you don't mind fighting her in your birthday suit!

Fame Shop
Posted by Rynn
[Tue Dec 29 15:48:10 2020]
The Fame Shop has undergone a slight overhaul. It is now more akin to a normal shop rather than spamming you with 114 lines. The default view no longer shows the mission and fame requirements for these items, so a new flag has been added to the list command to show fame and mission requirements for these items: list fame.

Posted by No
[Tue Dec 22 07:34:44 2020]
The chocopirate in front of the Pirate Lair now sells chocobo rides to Tycoon Castle. Since the airship also goes there, this is not useful in any way whatsoever, but you can do it anyways.